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DMC 'Kiss Cut' Sticker Sheet

DMC 'Kiss Cut' Sticker Sheet

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The DMC Fins 'Kiss Cut' Sticker Sheet includes a new range of super cool DMC stickers to add to your collection!

'Kiss Cut' is a common type of manufacturing for stickers where you have multiple peelable stickers on one sheet of protective paper. Peel off one by one or stick them all on your car windshield at once! 

(Not sold individually - 12 x stickers on A4 size sheet)

Sticker Designs: 

1 x DMC FINS - 'Swim Dmc' Style Square
1 x DMC FINS - Vintage Circle Orange & Green
1 x DMC FINS - Vintage Circle Fins Green & Orange
1 x DMC FINS - Max Speed Circle Blue 
1 x DMC FINS - I (Heart) DMC
1 x DMC FINS - The DMC Flame
1 x DMC FINS - "Swimmers do it Wetter" Circle Red
3 x DMC FINS - The FIN (Orange, Fluoro, Blue)
1 x DMC FINS - Old School Orange & Green Square
1 x DMC FINS - The Whistlin' Fin

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