Size Chart

Our size charts are there for guiding our customers to try to find the best possible fittings without actually trying the product on, but there are always some surprises in width and length.

Fitting feet into a fixed shape foot cavity of moulded and flexible material swimming fins is an inexact science and without laces and buckles etc, it's also difficult to make the fitting exact to your particular foot, other than sometimes wearing a neoprene or lycra sock or bootie.

Some of our fins which are designed with asymmetric foot mouldings are more fitted and truer to size than our models with universal foot mouldings which generally have room on either side.

Also, sometimes feet have characteristics like extra-long big toes, long second toes, pronation, high instep, low arch, flat feet, wide fitting, so it's sometimes very difficult to pinpoint exactly what is required and we trust you understand that.

Please refer to our model sizing charts below as a guide.

 DMC Fins Original Sizing Chart


DMC Fins Elite 1 Sizing Chart


DMC Fins Elite 2 sizing chart


DMC Fins Elite MAX Sizing Chart


DMC Fins Repellor Sizing Chart

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