REPELLOR FIN - 21kt Gold Medalist Series (pair)

REPELLOR FIN - 21kt Gold Medalist Series (pair)
REPELLOR FIN - 21kt Gold Medalist Series (pair)
REPELLOR FIN - 21kt Gold Medalist Series (pair)
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Once again DMC fins design department have created the most alluring and desirable surf fins on the planet.

The limited edition '21kt Gold Medalist Series REPELLOR surpasses all others in its class with superior technology and materials.

Builds Power - Reduces Fatigue - Increases Speed - Super Comfortable

DMC Repellor surf fin is a high end ocean fin designed for bodysurfing, bodyboarding, lifeguarding, snorkelling and ocean swimming. It uses the DMC Patented RVR Design which enables Max Speed with Less Fatigue.

The Technology

  • Designed with DMC's Patented Reverse V Rail (RVR) technology.
  • RVR is geared to offer maximum power for each kick stroke, creating balance for the user unlike any other surf fins.
  • The RVR streamlines vortexes more efficiently than any other design.
  • Moulded in DMC’s Silform silicone based material for maximum comfort all session.

    The Benefits

    • Universal foot pocket for ease of putting on
    • Underside drain chute for automatic removal of sand and water
    • Used by recreational bodysurfers through to international bodyboard and bodysurf superstars
    • Short enough for drop-kneed bodyboarding without a lack of power

    The gold colouring is moulded throughout the SILFORM material. During the moulding process the colour is designed to flow slightly, like a natural gold pour would, becoming individual and unique for each piece.

    The Ocean is a powerful force so DMC always recommends using our CLAMP fin savers to secure your fin to your foot.

    REPELLOR fins Care Instructions:
    Always rinse in fresh water after use in salt water 
    Keep out of direct sunlight for prolonged periods
    Keep off hard surfaces
    Avoid sharp objects like rocks or reef
    Keep your REPELLOR fins in re-usable packaging

    REPELLOR fins are warranted against manufacturing faults for 90 days from date of purchase.
    REPELLOR fins are not warranted against misuse. Please adhere to care instructions.

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